De Burgh: Project News March 2024

Basement works power ahead

Since the beginning of this year, the pace has picked up at De Burgh. Excavation is almost completed and the team has poured 40 per cent of the first slab on the ground – the lowest level for the three-floor basement car park. The pour for the first suspended slab (for the Level 2 Basement) is also underway. So far, 35 per cent of the 180 precast columns in the basement have been installed and three of the building’s five lift shafts are under construction.

Over the next three months the bulk excavation will be completed, along with all the concrete slabs for the basement, and around 600 tonnes of reinforcing steel will be installed project-wide. As the team begins work on the ground floor slab, you will really see the building begin to take shape. At this stage, we’re still expecting to complete De Burgh in the second half of 2025.

You can follow the construction process via updates on the JWLand social media pages or this website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at or visit the De Burgh display suite.

To watch the March 2024 construction update from our Project Manager, Kyle Zuccato, click here.