De Burgh: Project News October 2023

De Burgh at Northbourne Village is underway

JWLand Construction Pty Ltd is currently working towards the basement excavation of the De Burgh (Stage 3) building at Northbourne Village. The team anticipates this will take around three months to complete, depending on weather and ground conditions.

During this time, there will be changes to the traffic management and building works along De Burgh Street and Owen Crescent, Lyneham. In order for the excavation works to happen, we will need to implement a full road closure on the southbound lanes of De Burgh Street and the eastbound lane of Owen Crescent.

To understand the scope of our Traffic Management Plan, please refer to the below links.

Part Closure

Full Closure

From January 2024 we should see the building come out of the ground and anticipate the structure to be complete with 9-10 months of this time, with the project as a whole taking around 24 months.

During the course of the construction we will try our best to mitigate construction parking along De Burgh Street and Owen Crescent and, to help with this, we have directed our inducted workers to a nearby location. However, please feel free to reach out to JWLand if this becomes troublesome.

Our aim is to limit the impact of construction works on the daily life of local residents. If you have any concerns throughout the construction phase or have any queries, please feel free to email

For more information regarding the development please visit